The Scherphuis/Scharphuis Family Tree

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During my student years in Groningen I became interested in doing genealogical research on the Scherphuis family. Looking back I may have been motivated by the fact that but for my father no other people with that surname were personally known to me. I then made contact with Freerk (F.E.B.) Scherphuis (1899-1969), a mathematics teacher in Winschoten, who as it turned out had done some research on the subject many years before, and who got me off to a good start.

Many visits to the state archives and the district archives in Groningen, in addition to contributions from namesakes to whom I had written, gave the basis for the first publication of the "STAMBOOM Familie Scherphuis" (the Scherphuis Family Tree) in May 1973. Forty mimeographed copies were distributed amongst the known members of the Scherphuis family.
(see also the Foreword from 1973 edition).

Adri Scherphuis (1908-1993), chairman of the regional Social Security Council in Groningen was very helpful and contributed much to this first edition. After his retirement, he reprinted it together with a supplement in July 1986, which contains some corrections and additions, as well as details of the offspring of Klaas Tijes en Elisabeth Klaassens who also took the name Scherphuis.
(see also the Foreword from 1986 edition).

In both Germany and The Netherlands there are some people with the name Scharphuis. They are descended from Wybrand Pauwels Scherphuis, who settled in Emden (Germany) around the year 1800.

A new generation has grown up since the first edition was published. In recent years I have only made a few sporadic notes, but now I intend to update the family data, including all related families.

The Internet could be of help; both for distributing and collating the information. It is not my intention to make the complete family tree public via the internet, but I will publish an index of all the names occurring in the tree. This will allow you to decide whether the Scherphuis tree is of interest to your genealogical research and to contact me personally to exchange further details.

Den Dolder, Summer 2000,

Jan Scherphuis


By this time (spring 2001) several things have been made current and quite a lot of additional information about the relations by marriage has been found. I have also begun to do more research in some related families; starting with the HELING and OOSTING (Drenthe) families. All the new names are included in the list below.

Den Dolder, May 2001

Jan Scherphuis

One well-known Dutch genealogical publication is the


This is published by the Central Bureau for Genealogy, and is also known as "de Beresteyn", named after the first compiler, de heer Jhr. mr.dr. E.A. van Beresteyn. In its 1985-89 Supplement, printed in 1991, the first edition of the family book "Scherphuis" (1973) is mentioned on pages 208, 282 and 298 by its reference number 1044.


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